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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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only two people in the room and it will hurt their case if they are not allowed to cross- examine he. he ruled he has a right to take -- right to take the fifth amendment. the jury will have to ignore the priest's testimony from last week. >> i don't think there is any question in my mind that this case shouldn't be allowed to go forward. it is clearly, clearly unfair. we are not being allowed to confront the man, one of the two that knew what happened. the defense filed another motion for a mistrial this afternoon. the judge denied it again. the defense will file a third motion for a mistrial, first thing tomorrow morning. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. supreme court struck down much of arizona's immigration law but they let
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stand one of the provisions, one that amounts to racial profiling. a report from washington, d.c. on the back lash from today's ruling. >> reporter: today the justices ruled arizona over stepped and under mined federal law by cracking down on undocumented residents. >> reporter: they ruled against arizona's immigration law. it is the first of its kind targeting illegal immigrants. they struck down 3-4 parts of the law. . >> this is the day that we have been waiting for. >> reporter: show me your papers requires police ask for papers during traffic stops if they have suspicion the person is in the state illegally. they say it will lead trailings profile -- lead to racial profiling. >> reporter: they say it is the
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government's responsibility, not individual states. arizona leaders say the government failed at doing just that. >> failed to protect its citizens, preserve the rule of law and failed to secure our boarders. the court added the law can be challenged. this will create challenges but it will not allow a state to dictate. >> reporter: this was the second most highly anticipated decision. the court did not offer up an opinion to the healthcare law. that will come down thursday. that supreme court, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details from decision. arizona police can still stop, question and detain people if they have reason to think they are in the country illegally. but authorities must check with federal immigration agents before holding and arizona cannot make it a crime for
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illegal immigrants to look for work or force them to carry documents. >> president obama applauded the ruling and said people should not be detained to verify their status. the president said no american should ever live under a cloud of suspicion because of what they look like. we must insureficials do not enforce that law that undermines the rights of americans. mitt romney would not say he agrees with the ruling. >> mitt romney criticized president obama's record on immigration reform and said each state has the right to secure our boarders. a large immigrant and illegal immigrant population in
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california. ktvu's cara liu is here now with what people are telling her on camera and off camera. >> reporter: we are here in san jose, this is the spot where a lot of protests against anti- immigration policies have started. if is a rallying point for folks directly effected. the supreme court's decision on arizona's immigration law is a hot topic among professors and students. >> for california what it suggests is that the supreme court is actually siding with the types of things that california is doing and is against heavy enforcement. >> reporter: after they struck down three portions of arizona's immigration law, they claimed partial victory but they said show me your papers provision is troubling. . >> we think lot of the
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community will be stopped for having an accent, dressing a certain way. >> reporter: they say with a partial victory there are mixed feeling. >> a lot of them are scared of contacting law enforcement. they believe that, you know, having any kind of contact with law enforcement leads to deportation. >> reporter: many were not sharing on camera however, organizations are vowing to continue the fight to protect civil rights and liberties for undocumented immigrants. live in san jose, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the ruling. it opens the door to challenges to laws in other states. there are five states with laws similar to arizona. they are alabama, georgia, south carolina, indiana and utah. alabama has been described as one of the toughest in the
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country. >> the supreme court pissued --ish sued a decision. it bans states from passing laws that send juveniles to prison for life without patrol. follows a ruling that banned the death penalty or life without parole for juveniles. it was aislings where a ship -- collision with a ship that killed a whale last week. scientists found the spine was severed in the collision. they plan to allow the tied to carry the body out into the ocean. four people behind bars. investigators say green
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attacked a customer with a chair inside a restaurant. he raised the chair to hit the victim again but accidentally hit his friend instead. police later tracked the suspects to an apartment where the two men ran a marijuana growing operation. they were arrested. a fire destroyed a home, displacing four people. it broke out at 10:30 last night. investigators say they believe the fire started in the living room and spread to the attic where it was fed by a gas line. firefighters had the fire under control in 45 minutes. no injuries were reported. damage is estimated at $200,000. the cause is under investigation. two men, one captured on a surveillance video buying container of gasoline is being questioned on car arsons.
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vehicles were tortured. authorities say they were detained near the scene. they are looking at this surveillance video that was taken a half hour earlier. this video shows one of the men buying a gas can and gas. authorities are confirming a body found off the coast is that of a man who fell from a cliff earlier this month. a friend of the man told the coast guard he fell off a cliff on june 9. crews looked for him for two days and then last friday a fisherman found his body a half mile away. live in where police opened fire on a car thief. what happened right before and have the latest on the investigation. >> back here in 10 minutes,
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things are warming up out there. we have wind as you can see but temperatures on the increase. i will let you know how warm it will get in your neighborhood. zñzñzñtgtgçwoç'c'cz
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today in east palo alto, a police officer fired at a suspect. ktvu's lorraine blanco tells us what happened. >> reporter: the details are catchy at this point but you can -- sketchy at this point but you can see police blocked off this section to investigate. an officer discharged his weapon but no one was hurt. right now the sheriff's department and the police are on scene looking at evidence and interviewing witnesses. investigators were attempting to pull over a stolen vehicle after 2:00 when the driver rammed them.
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one officer fired but they don't believe anyone was hit. >> it is unique. most of the time you are able to take them into custody without incident. >> reporter: they have someone detailed but they are -- detained but their not sure how much he is involved. there are other suspects. live, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. we are learning what piece of equipment failed leading to an officer shooting this morning later. programs to help victims of violence. city leaders and victim's family members were there. she got involved after she attended the funerals of two victims in her district. >> when you are listening to a mother who lost four children, you talk to another who lost
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her son last year, i mean, these are women who have been traumatized by the losses. >> survivors can get immediate help from several city departments. new crash data shows july 4 is the deadliest day of the year for teen drivers. according to data 241 people were killed in july 2010. 800 people killed on july 4 from 2006-2010. this year an average of 140 people are expected to die this july 4. people who catch ac transit in oakland may have to look around to find your bus stop. all stops have been relocated for the next month because of
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construction. the bus stops are all along nearby streets. in fairfield, police are warning people about fake violation notices placed around the city. they claim the recipient is in violation of a code and $287 fine. they came to be from eddy felon is. there is no such person. it is printed on yellow paper and can be deceiving. the san francisco police department is the first in the nation to launch a new technology to help officers fight crime. all tools are rolled into new computers. a surge engine that allows officers to track down criminals, cars and other
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information. >> we will be the most efficient police department and the leader in the region. >> the technology will be rolled out over two years with recruits first. a deadline is closing in for stockton. officials must reach an agreement by tonight otherwise they will vote tuesday on a special budget, it would act as a day to day spending plan. the counsel will consider severe measures including cuts to the health plan. the manager could declare bankruptcy wednesday. a plan in sacramento that could keep tuition from going up, but it depends on voters passing governor jerry brown's
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tax hikes. democrats are promising $125,000 each for university of california and california state university. in return university of california leaders have to promise not to raise fees for the coming year and the california state university board would have to take back a $500 student hike. the ceo of nasdaq is blaming ignorance for may 18. they are quoting him as telling directors that the nasdaq wasn't ready for a flood of canceled orders. that led to a delay in the opening of facebook and some complain it took hours to get trade confirmations and some lost a $500,000 because of the problems. weather isn't what you would think of for june, let's go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> it is cooler than you
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expect. the weekend was down, it was nice but cooler. highs in the 60s and low 70s today. today was warmer. still in the 70s. it will warm up there. you can see the signature of that cloud, that represents the basic weak frontal system. and tonight it could bring drizzle along the coast and then it is gone. when that is gone, high pressure builds in. you can see its progression. they are getting dynamics, rain around fort bragg. all the way into oregon and washington. we are on the south end of it but this is enough to keep temperatures cool and enough to trigger drizzle along the coast. as we go into tomorrow and the week, 72 hours, temperatures trend up as we move forward. there is the weather system as it gets closer. drizzle. that could have an impact on
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the coastal sections. over night lows chilly side for this time of year. 49 in napa. 47 in santa rosa. tomorrow morning whatever you are doing, the early morning temperatures will be noticeably cool. fairfield 50. 49 livermore. you expect livermore to be 57 degrees. 56 degrees. good 6-7 degrees cooler. jackets are needed. by the afternoon, temperatures warm up nicely. 1:00 a.m., a little drizzle. here we are. i am looking at -- this isn't a deal breaker. know you will see drizzle. it is probably not picking up what is going on here but i suspect drizzle long the coast as the system progresses through. and tomorrow morning, you see clouds lingering and clearing. that is your afternoon for
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tuesday. more sunshine. plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm up. when i come back, i will show you how much it will warm up for tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you. we know jerry sandusky's next legal move, what his lawyers are going to do as former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky awaits sintancing. >> sentencing. >> and coming up, the universal issue they are taking up on the within. c
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one of the other than thes -- one of the attorneys for jerry sanduskyler plans to a-- former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky plans to appeal his convictions. the attorney says jerry sandusky will appeal on the bases of in effective counsel. jerry sandusky is on suicide watch. the lawyer for james whitey hopes to get the charges against his client dismissed. he is accused of participating in 19 murders. he was caught one year ago in southern california. today his attorney said he will claim he had a-- immunity because he was an informat. the issue of cell phone
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towers. some people have long complained about spotty service while others objected to putting up towers. officials are considering three options, a few big towers, a network of smaller towers or a mix of the two. the counsel meeting begins at 5:30. hundreds of farm workers from the state gathered today to lobby for a change in california's labor laws. [ chanting ] >> some of the workers boarded this bus at the bart station in oakland today for the ride to sacramento. they want the law to require employers to provide over time pay after 8 hours. they are currently exempt. >> it has been 74 years.
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these exclusions were wrong thenb and today. -- wrong then and today. we are gathering to pass over time rights for domestic workers and farm workers. >> a proposal is moving through the legislators. it will be considered on wednesday. coming up at 6:00 p.m., we will take you to sacramento and have more details on the bill. a unusual site on the -- sight on the peninsula. classrooms rolling down the street. coming in on huge trailers, 80 feet long. they are so big they needed a pilot car to guide them. 100 classrooms will be delivered as part of an expansion project. it was a nationwide sweep that netted arrests here in the bay area. the targets of a sex trafficking ring which you are
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seeing here. more information on the story coming up. >> shocking for americans, this would be a lot of money in a financial emergency. that story still ahead.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> video of police involved in a sex slave traffickers sweep. that sweep was part of a nationwide operation. ktvu's paul chambers is here now with who was taken into custody and what will happen to the girls who as authorities say were rescued.
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>> reporter: we are live, an area known for prostitution and a place that was part of the sweep. >> reporter: it is called operation cross country. targeting child prostitution. >> many of these people are taking young children and enslaving them. >> reporter: 71 people were arrested in the sweep. 6 children, 15-17 were rescued from a life of prostitution. in this video, police officers allowed us to ride along on their sting. >> we started off with a warrant and arrest of people wanted for human trafficking, pimping and those crimes. >> reporter: 100 bay area officers were involved in the operation. it led to the arrest of johns and pimps in san francisco, oakland, richmond, san jose and castro valley. now that they are off the
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streets it is up to attorneys to keep them behind bars. >> we are committed to prosecuting all of the criminals. >> how we take care of these young ladies is a critical key to operation cross country being successful. >> reporter: all of the rescued were taken into protective custody and given resources. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details. it took place across the country over three days. the fbi says 104 pimps were taken into custody and 79 children were rescued. san francisco police say they have arrested a gay act vest on child pornography charges. investigators took him into custody friday. he was arrested for possession
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of child pornography. police officer shot a suspect last night while he and another fought with her outside a liquor store. the officer stopped the suspect for questions around 10:00 p.m., investigators say the situation deteriorated and the suspect fought with the officer. she tried to use her taser but the fight continued. investigators say she then had to use her fire arm. >> she describes that the suspects were going for her gun, she fired one shot. which hit one of the suspects in the leg. >> one of the suspects suffered a non-life threatening injury. the officer was treated for minor injuries. the coroner identified a man killed last friday in a shooting. police responding to a shot spotter found him near 37th street. witnesses say someone pulled
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out a gun during a fight in the street and shot him in the head. three people ran from the scene. there have been no arrests. it is a scary reality. 28% of americans, more than 1-4 don't have a penny in savings they could use in the event of an emergency. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is in oakland with more. >> reporter: i want to show you this. underneath the over pass would be their bedroom. in effect, only 1-2 americans say they could carry on for more than three months before collapsing financially. >> reporter: a financial coach for the unity counsel. >> maybe i say five of the 28 have a sabings plan and --
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savings plan and ideas and goals, but most are living pay check to pay check. >> i lived that way till i was in my mid-30s. so i am not surprised. >> deeply distressing. having lived on the edge myself for a long time, i am with them. little bit better position now. >> i am a saver so that would scare me to death. but given the economy and the way things are, deis not surprising -- it is not surprising. >> reporter: family stress rises. >> most of the adult children are unemployed. so they are providing for their children, grandchildren, a lot are sharing households now. >> reporter: more and more people are falling through, many into the hands of inland debt. >> pay day lenders may offer a
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loan but it will be 459% in california. >> reporter: many have any other choice. >> they claim to offer you a life preserve but they are throwing a drowning man a brick. the numbers are higher than a year ago when the economy was actually worse. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. with 700,000 california families facing foreclosure, a study just released shows when the bank and borer can agree both sides can win. >> 80% of borerrers who got loan -- borers who got loan modifications are current. only 2% who got modifications in 2010 have lost their homes as a result of redefaulting. >> the center and many are pressing the legislator to pass
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a law to forbid lenders from closure before reviewing. college will become more expensive for u.s. students if congress doesn't act this week. the interest rate is set to double july 1. they want to keep 3.4% interest rate. but the disagreement is how to keep it that low. police arrested the master mind of the deadly 2008 mumbai terror attacks. an indian borne member. he issued instruction over the phone to the 10 gunman as they stormed two hotels in mumbai. it killed 166 people and wounded 300. turkey will ask nato to consider last friday's downing of a plane as a act of
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aggression against the nato alliance. the search continued for the two pilots. they are set to meet tomorrow to discuss how to respond. observers say although many are frustrated, it is unlikely that nato will take military action. filing for bankruptcy, and now we are learning more about the threat to the california condor. how it is linked to bullets. >> you can watch ktvu channel 2 news wherever you are by using our mobile app. download it to watch any ktvu channel 2 news newscast live. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios . american bought new home in may at the fastest pace in two years. sales increased 7.6% in may. and that is the best -- that is the best pace since 2010. on wall street, stocks
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headed lower. the dow is down 138 to 12,502. the nasdaq is down 56 at 2,836. the s&p is down 21 at 1,313. for the second time in three years, rits camera filed for bankruptcy protection. they will undergo a restructuring. they plan to close half of its retail stores across the country and cut its staff from 2,000 down to 1,000. the move to digital and online stores hurt them. a study by the university of california found that california condors are facing led poisoning. researchers say the birds which are one of the most endangered species will not recover. 1100 blood samples taken found 48% of the birds had toxic
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levels of led. this is levitated mass. the bolder is at the los angeles county museum of art. they had the idea four decades ago but it took $10 million to make it a reality. not everyone, though is impressed. >> i am trying to figure out what the big deal is. big rock. >> i think it is interesting. >> the rock came from a quarry in riverside county in march. the trip took 11 nights because the trailer only traveled at night and rarely went faster than 5 miles per hour. a sad lesson for san francisco school kids, why their mural was painted over. >> back here in 10 minutes,
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temperatures on the increase, how much warmer it will be for your tuesday in your neighborhood.
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it took students a year and a half to complete and in an incident it was all gone. a mural that they were proud of was painted over and ktvu's david stevenson tells us how it was all a big mistake.
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david? >> reporter: san francisco schools pride themselves on murals like these, which is why they are trying to restore one that was accidentally destroyed. workers are installing new interiors but the face lift went too far when crews mistakenly painted over a mural painted by students. the superintendent says it was an honest mistake. the school is being painted, including one wall with an older mural. >> that art work has been there for a while. it is deteriorated so there needs to be plastering. the new mural took a year and a half to plan and paint.
5:45 pm
feint images still show. she believe as miscommunication. >> our painters are not to blame. they were following direction. this is an art work that was new. >> i am amazed. totally amazed. >> reporter: neighbors are shocked the hard work has been erased. >> big friendly effort. >> reporter: the hope now is that the mural can be recorrected using photos taken -- recorrected using photos taken and the community. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the third anniversary of the death of michael jackson. he died from cardiac arrest in 2009 after taking propofol and sedatives. conrad murray was fouled guilty
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in the death. taylor hicks is coming full circle in las vegas. he launch an 8 week run on the vegas strip. ha decision in las vegas -- he auditioned in las vegas. whether you love or hate your job, people are willing to give up certain things to work from home. 20% of people would forego free coffee. so what is bugging workers? number one for men, office baby showers. and for women it was -- they can't stand winers. fire displaced a mother, daughter and grandmother. the fire department provided
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this video. it started about 9:20. it started in the kitchen. and no one was injured. wildfire continues to rage in colorado. it burned 6 square miles since saturday. it prompted evacuation orders for 11,000. there is no word on when the fire will be contained but it could consume 5,000 more makers before it is under control. officials in utah are afraid the fire that began saturday might have burned hundreds of homes there. they evacuated 575 homes and it is not clear how many burned. it burned 37,000 acres. as tropical storm debby continues to soak florida the governor declared a statewide emergency.
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one person was killed in florida by a tornado. and officials are searching for a man who disappeared in the rough surf in alabama. chilly out there for you? we will go to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> a warm up but still cool out there compared to last week when we had the high temperatures. remember that? now ewe are in the 70s and low 80s tomorrow. outside. clouds to the north of us. temperature in san jose right now, 71 degrees. closer, the 66 in redwood city. 72 north of mountain view. temperatures are on the cool side, right, for this time of year. tonight, patchy coastal fog. here is the thing along the coast this week, there will be patchy fog. in the avenues, half moon bay, you will see sunshine this
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week. which is unusual for late june and early july. we get a lot of fog but right now the winds, the atmosphere, the fog will be around. this low-pressure system to the north, brought showers north, could bring sprinkles tonight, tomorrow morning but tomorrow high pressure comes back in but it will still linger. that is why the fog has trouble forming. tomorrow it will go north and the next day more and we will warm. next couple days, warming. end of the week, it will cool again. temperatures tend to stay cooler. you know who likes that? firefighters. when they see a low like that, they can relax because temperatures are cool, humidities are higher and winds are not gusting.
5:50 pm
antioch and brentwood tomorrow, 78 degrees. clouds out there as well. nice day for your tuesday. and these temperatures, last week, remember the 90s? not now, 70s. 76 in sonoma. 76 napa. you look at these numbers, fire always a concern but humidities in the 30s and 40s, winds be out of the west or southwest, and that is a big help to the firefighters. you know what else, air quality. 74 in santa clara. 79 gilroy. the weather we love so much is the weather that works for us. this pattern is as good as it gets. air quality real good. fire danger will stay low. bay area weekend, kind of cool too, 70s saturday and sunday.
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>> this is perfect weather for outdoor activities. >> yeah. just mild and nice. >> thank you. she is the number two person at facebook and there is word sheryl sandberg is taking on an additional role and it is a first for a woman there. i should be a against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix.
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facebook has a new member on its board of directors and for the first time it is a woman. icistest. these are -- woman. sheryl sandberg. she becomes the only executive other than mark zuckerberg to serve on the board of directors. a tricky situation at a home has become a popular video on the internet. the homeowner caught this on camera. a bear cub trapped into a garage and had trouble getting down. when the garage door opens what is believed to be the mother bear using a lot of force to push the door open to get inside. look at that guy. in the end the cub finally gets to the latter and -- ladder and climbs down. ktvu learned about a secret high tech knowledge for the
5:55 pm
america's cup. this is the test boat completely out of the water. under the hull is a "l" shaped board that can lift the boat for faster speeds. they confirmed to us that that testing is encouraging. but he declined to identify a device that you can see on the mast or how it is controlled. the america's cup will take place here in the bay area and now just 14 months away. oracle corporation ceo larry ellison took the next step towards buying an island in hawaii. the hawaii public utilities commission approved the transfer to larry ellison. the seller asked asked for a quick transfer. larry ellison paid more than $500 million for the 140 square mile island.
5:56 pm
he is at home in sacramento 10 days after an accident. he says the head of the whale came 12 feet out of the water before slamming down on the boat. he started bailing out water. a few hours later he was picked up by a rescue boat. the harlem globetrotters brought their moves to the bay area to help young players up their game. >> how is everybody doing? >> summer skills. they showed off their moves and led youngsters 6-14 in team building exercises. each child will get tickets to the world tour game. they are co-hosting these clinics with 24 hour fitness club. he is the victim of the crime but his testimony has
5:57 pm
been tossed out. coming up, why a judge threw out the priest testimony in the william lynch assault case. >> the changes still needed to prevent another wildfire like this one that tore through lake tahoe 5 years ago today.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
washed ashore. a rare site on the coast and the risk these whales are facing right now in the open ocean. >> the low grade given to government agency charged with preventing another wildfire such as this one in south lake tahoe. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> there is a twist tonight in the trial of william lynch. ktvu's janine de la vega is live in san jose. she was in the courtroom when the judge made a ruling about the priest testimony. >> reporter: the retired priest is refusing to talk. he is alleging he was beat up by william lynch. but today inside the courtroom that priest took the fifth amendment and now they are wondering how can the assault be proven. ep


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